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Membership: Sign up today! offers an immense variety of forensic science resources to those involved and interested in the science of forensics. Our information center includes forensic science literature such as scientific publications, journals, magazines and articles authored by forensic professionals and those working in related disciplines; covering topics such as brain fingerprinting, condom trace evidence, forensic DNA, palynology, crime scene investigation, cyber-terrorism, forensic mapping, ballistics, voice identification, sexual assault, identity theft, digital forensics, and human trafficking. Our books feature subjects dealing with criminal behavior, evidence collection, nuclear forensics, photography, bio-terrorism, arson, forensic dentistry, research including some of today's best selling forensic authors.

You will enjoy access to a list of forensic professional societies, organizations, and associations providing excellent opportunities for staying updated on current issues, trends in the profession and networking opportunities. These forensic groups are committed to advanced learning and scientific research that link to institutes and forensic laboratories conducting original research in the forensic sciences' arena.

The forensic science site contains a glossary of forensic disciplines identifying new and emerging forensic specialties such as forensic palynology, biology, entomology, geology, linguistics, meteorology, taphonomy, nuclear forensics, acoustics and many other new and exciting fields.

Crime News and media provides true crime news stories, headlines, famous cases, history and beyond from sources worldwide updated daily with searchable archives, offering links to the latest crime news internationally. provides access to educational institutions offering the latest in forensic online education in the forensic sciences such as Certificate in Forensic Nursing, The Sexual Assault Examination: Adult and Adolescent, Basic Evidence Collection to name but a few! Links to other basic, intermediate and advanced online training courses, taken at your own pace, include crime scene investigation and reconstruction, forensic art, fire training, accident reconstruction, evidence technology, forensic psychology and many others designed by forensic professionals for the advancement of forensic science careers.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) includes informational links to articles on crime scene investigation, collection and preservation of physical evidence, documenting crime scenes with photography, video, and diagrams, recovery of human remains, forensic computer composites, crime scene protocol, document examination, bloodstain pattern analysis, calendar of investigation training courses and links to discussion groups.

Forensic tools offer forensic professionals a wide range of products for sexual assault evidence collection, crime scene investigation, secure code analysis, digital forensics, video surveillance and analysis, digital forensics, and training classes, playing an ever increasing roll in detecting and solving crime. is pleased to present Ask the Expert, internationally recognized forensic experts, who, as ongoing achievers, have made significant and unique contributions in the field of forensic science. Each month an expert will respond to your questions. Become a member and gain access to our forensic experts.

Our International Forensic Club (Forensic Café) is dedicated to enhancing the interests of those students and young adults attracted to the field of forensic science. The club provides an avenue for interaction with peers and to learn about the field of forensic science. This is accomplished through education and training data, research, forensic organizations, books, forensic science camps, crime discussion forums, online mysteries, forensic games, weblog, video creation, crime scene solving, cartoon creation, interaction with science clubs, science project video sharing and other forensically related internet resources and links.

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View Jim Hoerricks, Forensic Photoshop Instructor, Author, and court qualified expert witness in Forensic Video Analysis as he works with the History Channel to uncover evidence. Jim works for law enforcement in one of the US major metropolitan areas. Jim is the author of  An Introduction to Forensic Photoshop and Advanced Forensic Photoshop.

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